A Word About WordPress


Viewing my blog this evening, I realized that some of my pictures were missing and replaced with a rectangle, with just the name of the picture.  Some were missing completely.  So, somewhat laboriously, I located most of the pictures I had and re-inserted them.  Thankfully, I hadn’t yet deleted the personal ones from my computer.  Some may be missing still, and others out of place from where they originally were in the post, simply because I can’t remember exactly where I had placed them.  And, I just realized that my home page is void of a header, and I don’t see my very first post/picture.  So, that will take some time to try and redo.

How it happened…

I had removed some pictures, from the storage area, that I no longer needed, because I don’t like a lot of clutter.  I also wanted to save on gigabytes.  Through a bit of research, I found that if you delete them from your WordPress storage, they are automatically taken out of your post as well.  So, just a word to the wise, if you are thinking of starting a blog and want to use WordPress, you may want to consider your options.  I don’t know whether or not I’ll still use them, after I use up my alloted 3 GB.  They do offer more, but you have to pay for a plan.  My blog is a just a small personal one, and I don’t want another expenditure.


Making a Plan

Life is changing, so I need a plan.  Sometimes, change calls for just going with the flow, and other times, we must go about it strategically.  This is one of those times.

Plan 2

I have hired on with a facility in town and will be taking a permanent position.  Starting anything new can be stressful, but this has an added stressor.  I am a gypsy by nature and love change—a certain amount anyway.  For the last while, I’ve been doing contract work, which involved traveling and experiencing some wonderful things, along the way.  Each contract was 13 weeks, and then I was onto the next job.  The positives of this were 1) Not having to get intertwined into the politics of the facilities, in which I worked 2) Leaving the undesirable aspects of the job behind and 3) Each one was a new adventure.  I LOVE adventure, I LOVE travel, and I LOVE not being tied down.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch Amarillo, Texas

I LOVE seeing what’s around the next corner.

Mount Rushmore 2Mount Rushmore

There will be positives with a permanent position.  The stressful parts, however, are there as well.  I am feeling the anxiety of a caged jaguar.  There is no “I can leave in a few weeks” to it.

Jaguar Caged

Were I the go-out-and-plow-the-same-field-every-day kind of a person, it would be fine, but I’m not.  My husband is that gem.  I’m the quarter horse.  I do my best straight out of the gait.  I’m fast, efficient, and good.  My blinders are on, and I just go.  So, seeing an never-ending road is pretty tough for me to do.  BUT, as this job is a blessing, as well as a conscious decision, I am making a plan to deal with the parts I don’t want or like, and that is how I will succeed.


I will be writing down my short-term goals of one year.  It helps me to deal with things, if I take them in small bites.  I will be focusing on the positive aspects of the decision, for example getting to be with my husband, whom I greatly missed…

Easter house 2

Easter house 3

I will get lots of new experiences and knowledge, from the people I will be working with.  Learning is always a positive thing…


My daughter and some of my grandpeople just moved back to town rather unexpectedly. Had I taken another traveling position, I would have missed out on getting to do things with my daughter, who is my friend, and enjoying my grandpeople, whom I love so much…

Easter Pierce in hole

It is Spring, and I don’t have to miss out on planting and enjoying my flowers and vegetable garden.

Easter book

These are some of the positives, and I will work hard to focus on them.  It makes for a happier life.

Easter Nikko

All I Need is This Box



I am often aware of the needs of little children versus those of adults.  We seem to need fancier houses or newer cars or the latest clothes.  Little people, on the other hand, just need some cans of vegetables to stack…or blankets and chairs to build a fort…or a dirt hill to climb.  Do you remember the movie “The Jerk”? 


Steve Martin’s success had come to an end, and he thinks he can get by with a little of nothing but finds out he really can’t.  “I don’t need anything except this…that’s the only thing I need is this—just this ash tray…(then he sees something on the floor)…and this paddle game.  The ashtray and the paddle game, and that’s all I need.   And, this remote control.  The ashtray and the paddle game and the remote control, that’s all I need…(he makes his way toward the door but finds something else)…and these matches…and that’s all I need.”  He piles another item on then with determined finality, he exclaims, “And, that’s all I need, too! I don’t need one other thing!”  He then pauses, as he picks up a chair…“I need this!”

It was such a funny scene, and my hubby and I still quote it from time to time.  It’s funny but also too true!  We need, need, need!

Puppies and kitties are like little children, all they need is Simple.  A small toy or a bag or a box, and they’ll make most of it!

Nikko with box

Nikko loves to play with empty boxes.  He barrels through the house fighting and playing with it.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times), life gets so complicated.  Computer issues (that can last for days : / )  Family health problems.  Job-related dilemmas.  They all take a toll, so when I am able to, I like to push them aside and go to another place, if only through memories…

Memories of Gramma run through my mind, when I use her embroidered dish towels…I picture her kneading bread on the kitchen table, egg noodles cut and drying on a clean sheet in the back bedroom, neffla soup, kuchen, and all of the other delishnessness that was her.  Memories of Grampa are held in the cutting board he made for Gramma, which was then passed down to me.  An oil lamp brings thoughts of a simpler time.  Grandma Donna has a fun blog about living like the past.  She inspired me to get out my oil lamp and to buy another.

Oil Lamp-Red


I like Old and remembrances of old times.  Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota still sells homemade pie and 5-cent coffee.

Wall Drug--Coffee


I recently purchased an old oil lamp, at a consignment shop.  Not only am I adding to my emergency supplies, but I find it also brings feelings of nostalgia and peace.

Oil Lamp-White

I’ve recently returned from working out of state for several months, so at my house, it’s still Fall.  😉  That will have to change, as we are now almost into Spring!  The past two days, however, have been snowy, which I am loving.  I was in the hotter areas of the country so missed out on a white Christmas.

So, just for today, all I need is my cozy chair, my puppy, and the beauty of the snow on the trees. :0)

Easter Nikko




A Vintage Heart


Sometimes I feel as though I was born into the wrong era.  Times gone by, a simpler life, and a purer (is that a word?) way of living are what feels good inside.  When women were women and men were men–Dad went out to work to support the family and Mom made a home and nurtured their children.  Those times seem all but gone, where in today’s world anything seems to go.

While I don’t dress vintage or live a vintage lifestyle, I love many things about different eras.  The 1950s seem to resonate with me the most.  Dad has great memories of that time, and we’ve talked about how fun it would be to go back to those days.  While they were in highschool, he worked at a gas station called Bears.  I remember and am fond of the great big bear statue on the lot.  Mom was a carhop at A&W.  There is a fun little video clip (no sound/8 mm film) that Dad took of Mom, while she was waiting on cars.  The carhop would bring the tray of yumminess—maybe a Mama burger, Papa burger, two orders of tator tots, a couple Cokes, and two thick milkshakes for dessert.  There were two metal bars on the tray that clipped over the window.  The food sat on a red-rubber netted mat, which kept it from falling over, as she carried it out to the car. They still have drive-ins, but they aren’t the same now.

                                    Notice the sign on the Google image of this carhop.

I am a child of the 60’s, so gloves weren’t in the height of fashion for long.  However, I do remember, as a girl, going to church with Gramma and Grampa, donning my Easter dress complete with hat and gloves.


The English have kept that fashion, throughout the years (at least Royalty).  I think it would be fun if that returned.  There is something about dressing up.  It brings about a different attitude and atmosphere.


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is a great example of class and refinement

So, while I sometimes struggle to live in the twenty-first century, I can always be vintage at heart.  : 0)

A New Day

Sedona--Bell Rock Pathway 2

This is a file photo (obtained on Google images), of Bell Rock, in Sedona, Arizona (one of my most favorite places on Earth).  I think of the rock as life.  In the summer of 2016, I made it to just a titch below, where the people are shown.  From the prospective of the picture, it doesn’t look like much.  But, in reality, it was quite the hike.  I hiked for a total of six hours up and back, including several hours of being lost (that’s a story for another time).

Life is a continual climb to loftier heights, with twists and turns, ups and downs, and sidetracks, along the way.  Every day is a new day, a day to start over…a day to try anew.  Today (actually the night before last), I decided to start a blog—again.  I kept one a few years ago.  It’s intent was to share with others and have them share with me.  That never really came to fruition, and after a time,  I decided to abandon it.  Jump ahead several years…I became involved with Facebook.  That was my outlet—my vehicle for self-expression and virtual getting-together.  Though I continue to post the occasional quip or picture, I have backed away.  There is too much involvement.  I find there to be little sanctity of life, as there was in years gone by.  So-and-so went to the movies.  Someone got a cut on a finger and posts their detailed trip to the doctor.  Women and girls, “update their profile” with pouting lips trying to look better than the next.  While, indeed, there are heartfelt and thought-provoking posts on social media, it has all become a bit much.  At this point in life, I yearn for less interaction and more introspection.  So, from my comfy chair, in my cozy little house, in my corner of the world, I will record…in a calmer not-so-public venue, happenings, pictures, thoughts, and muses, and if anyone happens to meander along my path, I shall welcome them to my footprint in time.